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20 September 2009 @ 12:36 pm

I probably should've put up a hiatus post or something because this journal is sooooooooooo not active....<_< *my apologies, ehum*

Ehm, well, I'm doing pretty well in school atm actually. The new class is just awsomeeee. And our teachers are..ehm, interesting AHAHAHA. Our biology/chemistry teacher looks like he doesn't have any knees 'cause his legs are straighter than...eh idk...something very very very straight? :D
And since school started a month ago we've gotten at least 5 new people coming to and 5 people leaving the class...that probably means our class is kinda suck-ish, er? :DD

I still can't upload any pics...darn it >_>

SORRY FOR BAD UPDATE (but I don't think anyone's interested in what I'm writing anyway ahahaha. Andddd about nothing; anyone who watched the VSA episode with Yamada and Chinen? Well, everybody probably has. BUT CHINEN IS SO CUTE :D and he's started growing! Blah, I wanted to keep baby-Chii because then there's at least ONE guy my age who's the same height as me ahahahaha.

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21 July 2009 @ 12:05 am
Hello everyone~ How are you?

Sorry for my lack of posting posts that nobody wants to read anyway lately but my journal has gone nuts >< I can't seem to upload any pics in my entries, the scrapbook files are gone (even though they still show up in the entries lol) and so on so I'm thinkin about moving to a new one to see if that helps .____.

This made me lol like crazy

Not the show itself though, but Nakai's t-shirt, because the text on it actually means "Dark blue" in Swedish XD (even though it's supposed to be one word, "mörkblå"). A dark blue t-shirt that says "Dark blue". Typical Lina-humor lol.
In Vietnam, I saw another Japanese guy wearing a t-shirt that said "Malen svartpeppar" which means "grinded pepper" in Swedish (and that one made me lol even more xD).
Japanese people seem to like t-shirts with random Swedish words on them lol.
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Explanation for subject line: epic fail from Susanna.

I am not dead (yet). Gah, the heat is overwhelming these days <_<'
Tried to be out in the sun to get a little tanned, but since I'm pretty dark-skinned the whole year around, that plan failed pretty much too -___-

- Getting my own credit card soon, woho Dx
- Spending almost the entire summer with Susanna (it feels like that, I tell you <_<'). I feel sorry for her parents XD
- No LM.C, no An Cafe, no girugämesh, no TegoMass, no Metaltown - this concert year sucks.

Pics from Vietnam under cut~

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17 June 2009 @ 03:01 pm
Guess which spoiled brat it is who has his birthday today? |D

[Hint below]

Well, of course |D (and me luvez that pic 8D)
...and I will never be able to express my feelings in a quite limited post, so I will just say this:

I'm going to celebrate with baking a cake and force my friends to join me in a Nino-drama marathon >|D

(by the way, someone else besides me who loves the song I'm listening to? :D)

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11 June 2009 @ 12:33 pm
School ended today T____T I cried like an entire flood afterwards T___T
So, to my class:
Ah, all those fun things we have done through the years...Well well, enough about that before I start to cry again xD

I guess you all have heard about the new Johnny's unit? Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow. And I have mostly complaints to say about them:
  2. The name...euw D: I don't like group names that makes it sound like there is one main character and the other are just featuring him/her >.< Couldn't they have come up with a (insert word that I can't remember right now, maybe it's "punchy" I'm looking for? No but something similar...) abbreviation, like they did with NEWS and KAT-TUN?
  3. Yuma's face freaks me out D: I'm not really sure about what it is that seems so freaky, but I think it's his eyes or his mouth. Or maybe his eyebrows? Not that I don't like him, I think that he's really talented and has a good voice ^-^
  4. NYC Boys. I don't get it, is it them or NYw/BIS (oh god, I already hate that abbreviation -.-) who are going to debut? Of course I know that Yamada and Chinen already had their debut, but it's NYCB's song that's going to be the song for Women's Volleyboll World Cup (or whatever it's called) and NYw/BIS will only have one song on the CD? D:
  5. When we already are talking about their debut CD, I really don't get the song. Why the change of pace and melody right in the middle of it? It feels like it's two totally different songs put together. Blah.
Other random JE rabblings or whatever you want to call it ^^b
  • TegoMass will also have their CD debut :D Unfortunately they couldn't come here because of H1N1 so I guess I will have to buy the CD from yesasia, or go the illegal way...8D
  • When will it be Hey! Say! JUMP's turn to have their CD debut? D: I mean, it has already been two years since their debut but now when NYw/BIS and TegoMass are going to release CDs it feels like HSJ are being pushed aside D:

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30 May 2009 @ 05:53 pm
I've got a friend who's awesome, so I spent today photographing with her. Unfortunately I think LJ killed the quality/size, but I hope they are decent anyway.

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Well, I know that I posted once before today, but I suddenly got inspiration for a fic when I had serious talks with Susanna and felt like posting it :3 As my other fics, it's not excellent but I hope it's decent...Dx *in desperate need of some self-confidence when it comes to fanworks*

Title: *insert random fitting title fufufu*
Author: Me, </a></b></a>iheartnino (why am I linking to my own journal? >.<)
Pairing: None
Uhm...dunno, I always forget what all those ratings mean Dx
Summary: Chinen knows what he wants for his birthday, but he's still a little worried.
Disclaimer: I don't own HSJ/Chinen Yuuri in any ways even though I really want to
A/N: This is my first post here (I have only written Arashi fics before) so please comment and say what you think ^3^I know this is kinda early (or is it late? Dx) but I the inspiration hit down on me like a thunderbolt o-(^^ Q)

Well, yes, I know it's a little bit early, but, ehrmCollapse )

Comments are love! :D

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27 May 2009 @ 05:23 pm
Guess what? I just became lots of lj-1337 *thumbs up*
I was going to edit my blurb box when I discovered lots of settings I so far have been to lazy to check out, but now I did and the result: from now on you won't be leaving a comment, you will be dropping a Pocky (^^ b) *yes, that is the lamest ever, I know*
No more random blahblahblah-ing today, my journal already contains too much meaningless-ness. But oh. I had lunch with some of my friends today. All of us except Cornelis ate sushi (he's such an over-class brat. Darn Gothenburgers...that sounds like a new kind of hamburgers 8DD). But I don't think Krille liked sushi that much...
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25 May 2009 @ 07:36 pm
Yay for my dearest wifey Sill :D (that really is her nickname, even though it means "herring" in Swedish >.<) She has gotten herself a LJ :D so visit her at kentfreak and say I sent you :D

The result of my creative mood these days XDCollapse )
...ok, I'm pretty sure that those last two...things aren't part of JE Dx actually, I'm not even sure if they are hamsters or onigiris <_< I just made them in social studies class today when our teacher didn't notice anything Dx
Well, about the serious ones, I'm quite content about how the Yamapi one turned out and the Ryo one looks better in reality, but Massu's mouth is just...afsklghj Dx (ok, for those who didn' see it, they are Yamapi, Nishikido Ryo, Masuda Takahisa and Yaotome Hikaru =A=) And well, the dress...I just put it there to show it because it's cute :3 And no, I'm not in possession of any wardrobe doors at the moment...or well, I haven't been since we moved here because they were in need of paint...and now I don't really know where they went...?

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Got my...uhm, kind-of-a-pamphlet-but-bigger-thingy about language courses abroad today. I'd LOVE to go to Japan for a year or so, but I don't know when I'll have the time! After the summer, I'll be attending highschool or upper secondary school or whatever that is the equal to Sweden's högstadie, and there will be no time to go in those 3 years x3 And the year I graduate I'm gonna be 19, and then I'm suddenly too old to go, because the trip is for people between 14-18! Bleh. Guess I'll have to figure out another way.

Btw, I'm lots of 1337 because I made this:

Ah, my awesomeness is close to non-existing...If you don't see it, the onigiri blob in the left corner is holding a balloon and the one in the middle is holding a needle...

I was at the Aeroseum in Gothenburg with my class today too...I guess you cannot exactly call it fun...Went to a Thai restaurant afterwards where they had lunch buffet-eat-as-much-as-you-want-for-70-crowns. And because this little girl loves eating, especially Asian food, as expected she over-stuffed herself and the others had to get a crane to get her out from the restaurant. Ah, I wonder how much the restaurant lost for having me there...And another thing I really don't get, when I checked my weight after that lunch, I had actually lost some since last time I checked?? Darn it, I'm afraid my fat percent will be dangerously low soon T____T
Yosh, guess we'll go for a diet consisting of unhealthy and un-nutritious thing for the weekend! No but seriously, I'm getting really worried T_______T

Trip to Gothenburg=Pocky! The clerk looked at me a little weird but wtf, I can't help that I love those sticks so much that I buy at least 10 packets each time? x3 It's my name-day today too so my mom gave me a tuner for my guitar, yay! (Btw, when I checked my dictionary right now to see if there actually IS a word for name-day in English, I discovered that "nude-dancing" also can be found. *cough*

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